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GoTalk Communication Device For Disabled Children

Communication problems can be very difficult for both children and parents alike. Children incur extreme frustration when they are unable to express themselves in an adequate manner and parents experience extreme heartbreak from not being able to understand their child’s wants and needs. This frustration can cause children to develop secondary problems, like behavioral problems and problems with self- esteem and overall feelings of self- worth. Why struggle with these difficulties when you don’t have to?? Communication devices, like Go Talk, can help remedy communication problems and increase self- esteem!!

Go Talk Communication Devices:

Do you know a child or adult that needs help with communication?  With the GoTalk device, anyone with visual capacity, and, the ability to identify and press a button will have success.

In order to accommodate the widest range of individuals with disabilities, there are several variations of the GoTalk communication devices on the market.

GoTalk 4+ communication device

GoTalk 4+

With four large keys and five recording volumes, this is a lightweight aid that gives users the ability to record up to 20 messages.  Users can easily erase all of the contents, record information, and adjust the volume.  It includes the two AA batteries that you need to operate the device and is the similar to the size of a book at 9″ x 12″ x 1 1/8″.




GoTalk 9+ communication device

GoTalk 9+:

Do you need an upgrade from 20 messages?  This model is also 9″ x 12″ x 1 1/8″ and includes 2 AA batteries.  In addition, it has three core messages, a 45 message capacity, 9 keys, and five recording levels.  With the GoTalk 4+, you can change the volume, record, and erase the data.



GoTalk 20+ communication device

GoTalk 20+:

With a whopping 100 message capacity, this device is still lightweight, 9″ x 12″ x 1 1/8″, and includes 2 AA batteries.  However, in addition to having 100 messages, it also has 20 keys and the ability to record on five different levels.  Instead of having two or three core messages, this model has five.



GoTalk Overlay Software v3 - One CD

GoTalk Overlay Software:

Do you need images to use for your GoTalk devices?  With this program, you can use over 4000 images from this Windows compatible CD.  However, you are not limited to using the image as is.  Instead, you can use photo editing features to add text, change the color, change the size, crop, enlarge, or rotate.


Have you or someone you know used a GoTalk Communications device or something similar? What did your think of it?

Share your experience in the comments!

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