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Jan 22

Tips for Helping your Special Needs Child Adjust Socially

While making friends may be easy for most kids, it can a bit more challenging for those with special needs. Between the communication that takes place in the classroom, after school programs, and other activities, children have many opportunities for social interactions on a daily basis. However, those with special needs often find it difficult [...]

Jan 20

Birthday Gift Ideas for ADHD Children

Many parents with children who have recently been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ask advocates for special education which toys would make good gifts for birthdays. Parents and family members of children with ADHD want to choose gifts that inspire and help manage their child’s disorder, but are often unsure of what those [...]

Jan 10

Finding Support When Your Child Receives a Learning Disability Diagnosis

One of the scariest parts about being a parent is that feeling of hopelessness when you feel like you have no control over something. Whatever your reason for a suspicion of a learning disability, once that diagnosis is made by a professional through a Formal Educational Evaluation, it can be incredibly tough to process. Some [...]

Jan 9

Fun Winter Activities with your Special Needs Child

  Did you have an enjoyable Christmas with your family? Although it can be stressful at times, the holiday season is a joyous time where you can have tremendous memories – watching Rudolph, Frosty or Charlie Brown for the very first time or singing Christmas Carols around the fire – and generally just spending quality [...]

Oct 30

Questions about Special Education Transition Services

Q: Please give me an overview of transition services that are available for special education students. A: Transition resources can apply to the preparation of the student from one educational setting to another, like from preschool to elementary school or from primary to a secondary educational setting. These resources become much more complex as a [...]

Sep 12

Is Your Child Suffering from Anxiety? Five Symptoms to Look for

    Every child can have a bout of fear now and then. They might be watching a scary movie of some sort late at night and want to hide under the blanket during a particular frightening scene. Or they might have gotten a bad grade on their report card, and they’re afraid to show [...]

Sep 1

Ask Us Your Questions

Personal Invitation… This week, being the first week of September and the start of a new school year, Lending Hand Resources would like to extend a hand and invite members of our community to ask questions, that may be weighing on your minds as your children embark on a new school year, to the professionals [...]

Aug 21

Five Easy Ways to Smooth The Transition to Junior High School

Every parent of a soon-to-be junior high student knows that moving from elementary to junior high school is a big transition in a child’s life. When combined with raging hormones and the onset of puberty, the new academic and social demands of junior high can be truly overwhelming. Every child will face mixed emotions when [...]

Aug 17

Freshman Year: What Your Child Needs to Know Before They Go

It is almost time for the newest crop of freshman to enter college. If your child is starting his/ her college career this fall, he/ she may be feeling a little nervous and anxious about being on their own. After all, college is a lot different than high school and they will no longer have [...]

Aug 10

How to Help Your Kindergartner Adjust

Is Everybody Ready for Kindergarten?: A Toolkit for Preparing Children and Families Not long ago, many educators and parents viewed kindergarten as mostly a transition period for young children to learn the basics of attending school – how to listen to their teachers, sit quietly, wait their turn, and to share with others. Today, however, [...]